Creativity Unleashed at Elevated GR! 
Coming in November, 2019

Beginning in November, 2019, I will be offering classes and opportunities at Elevated Grand Rapids, where you will be able to explore your creative side. It’s not about being artistic and it sure as heck is not about being ‘’good’’, whatever that means! Even if you’ve said things like, ‘’I can’t draw, I’m not creative,’’ no, especially if you’ve said things like that, this is the place to unlearn these limiting thoughts and find another part of YOU!

Initial Offerings Include:

Art Journal Making & Gatherings

We will make personalized art journals and then have informational classes and gatherings to learn this powerful practice.


Guided Creative Expression Classes

Opportunities to express and explore your creative instincts. Collage, painting,and exploration in other media will be offered.

Open Art Studio

Bring your canvas and supplies and enjoy time and space to paint. We may even have shows!


Second Spring Circle

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, menopause is called the ‘’Second Spring’’. It is seen as a time of rebirth, renewal and new-found creativity. This is a group for those who identify as women in midlife. This group will focus on creative expression, movement, qigong, sisterhood and more! Many events will be donation-based and others may have material costs.  


Elevated Grand Rapids is located at

1750 Clyde Park, Grand Rapids, MI 49509

Check them out at

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