What Happens in a Face Yoga class?

Face Yoga at Rebloom & Grow is a very gentle, yet highly effective, practice that reduces stress, increases tone in the face and neck area, improves blood flow to the face and can help reduce signs of aging if practiced regularly. Face Yoga can be done while sitting on the floor or in a chair and is suitable for almost all levels of physical ability. Classes focus on gentle movement, at your pace and comfort level.

A typical Face Yoga class begins with discussion of what we are focusing on during class. We then start some gentle movement to get energy flowing and to release any tension in the body. Next, we begin gentle stretching of the shoulders and neck.

When you are warmed up and ready, we move into the Upper and Lower Face Yoga exercises, developed by Danielle Collins. This is combined with acupressure, lymphatic drainage or other techniques, depending on the focus of the class. This will also include gentle self-massage of the face, which gets circulation flowing to the face and increases the production of collagen and elastin. 

After the yoga we will talk a bit about health, wellbeing and lifestyle. We finish by  either lying down or remain seated and do a beautiful resting meditation, or savasana as it is know in Sanskrit, that will leave you refreshed and ready to FACE the world! Click here to find out times and locations of upcoming classes. Click here for more information regarding class rates.

You may also schedule private sessions with Anne, and develop a personalized program for yourself, with follow up sessions, should you choose. You may click here for more information and rates. 

Our Philosophy

Although Face Yoga is very low impact, you should check with your health care practitioner if you have any reason to think this might be too much for you or your health condition. If you are pregnant or have a serious illness, please let us know. Some acupressure points may be contraindicated.


You should only do what makes you comfortable while doing Face Yoga. If anything makes you feel uneasy or hurts for any reason, you should trust your feelings and your instinct. You may ask questions at any time and you may quietly leave the room should you ever feel the need. This is your time and you are always in control. We want this to be an enjoyable, rejuvenating time for YOU!

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